Whistleblower of Alabama small town corruption through out ALABAMA


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If you come here you probably seen my trucks are your into to a DHR case..Its no secret that Alabama is the most corrupt state in the U.S.I get it were corrupt I see it threw out the system now that I was dealt by Blount county Alabama my home town..If you think this couldnt happen to you then your sadly mistaken.These people who are being paid to protect us and help folks are doing the totally opposite and stealing state and FED grant money by every means possible.When I seen first hand what these folks were doing and using the Sheriffs department and City cops to help what they are doing I had to come out about what I see is happening under are noses why we think that are government is doing and making the best choices for are County and are State but dont forget we are the most corrupt State in the U.S.


We also have the most prescription pills written in the U.S Birmingham Al.How is that possible I ask?These people who run these towns and government have created this problem its a FACT.


Look at where 49 Sheriffs across the good old Alabama state have a lawsuit over stealing inmate food funds..Starving folks they put in cages for trumped up charges are minor offences..>>LINK


Are look at where Blount county ALabama District Attorney Pamela Casey arrested the two civil rights lawyers outside the court house in Blount County.Both were acquitted by our on judge Steven King a year later and she still dishing it out to my neighbors.Judge Sherry Cupps Burns is the judge who signed the warrant..We dont have but two judges so think on that. Here is two links to this corrupt crap they pulled..Think they ever did this to any folks thats not Lawyers?>>Links>

Part 1 The arrest of the Blount County Alabama

PART 2 Lawyers acquitted Video

Are check out this old man who came after me with a hammer threaten me opened my
truck door and threaten me with a hammer and the sheriffs department did nothing.I had to go to the magistrate and file a warrant my self.This is the richest man in the county of Blount and its no secret.Donny Hicks is his name.Amazing what money will allow someone to do.How you like me now sir?>>Link>>

Are look at the deputy that worked for Blount County Alabama.He was arrested in Jefferson County Al for choking and pepper spraying 2 young ladys.He had 6 active warrants while working within the sheriffs department..This guy was off the chain to say the least.>>LINK>>

Now I see this corruption across Alabama and neighboring countys and citys.
Why on earth would we allow this to happen in whats supposed to be the great state of Alabama..The kids of tomorrow will be the ones who will suffer and the folks of today are suffering already the tyrants we call Government.

Check out Argo Alabama for example.These folks are corrupt as they come..These folks think they are untouchable and they are for the most part with tax payers money.They have lawsuits flying against them from tasering a old man excessive force 5 times he tasered him..Are how about the lawsuit against the city for writing tickets out on interstate I-59..If you go threw this town you best be recording your speed because they will Lie..Whens last time a officer showed you how fast you were doing?Here is a link to my findings of Argo Al..Its just a little insight to whats to come on these folks..Public records have been requested and no response as of yet..This is a hard video to watch so heads up.

Part 1 Argo Al Policeman tasers old man five times.

Part 2 Lawsuit for writing tickets on I_59

There is a direct link to my youtube channel down below and feel free to subscribe for updates and new videos to come.We do have rights in this state and
we best start standing for them are we will loose them for ever.Its easy to see whats going on once your infected by the virus of the tyrants.You will have family and friends within this system gunning for you if you ever get pulled into it.Always record everything with these tyrants are you will be wishing you did and even then its a hell of a fight..Your life savings and your family will be sucked from you why you go down fighting are end up in jail.The young folks are who they are going after now..They will take your kids for money thats it.
Sorry to be the bringer of bad news but someone has to do it..Stay safe in good old Alabama.Corrupt threw out..



Click on this link for save our kids facebook https://www.facebook.com/fightdhr/

Email fdhr

6 thoughts on “Whistleblower of Alabama small town corruption through out ALABAMA

  1. Theresa Kirby

    We are in Morgan Co. & dealing with the same corrupt DHR and their workers. They’ve taken my daughters kids & are continuously lying and not abiding by Alabama laws and policies. I don’t know who to turn to or how to get Justice and the kids back from them or the corrupt courts that allow them to continuously be unjust stealing our kids.


  2. Morbid wolf

    All this is true. I have been dealing with the corruption of this particular County for 3 years and I don’t have my kids either or will they give them back. But when you go to Congressman or Representatives nobody wants to do nothing. So these people will continue to rape The Working Man and impose their will on them without repercussions. The damn shame that I serve 12 years in the military with to come back to us and this is the way America thanks you. It almost embarrasses me to know I defended a country that operates like this


  3. We went through this too. I’d love to share my story with you. From stolen kids, to being told they don’t have anyone to bring kids for visits to lying about drug test and lying on reports. I’ll do anything to help you stop them! They ruined my grandkids and that’s all they did. They are worse than a juke and I would love to sue the crap out of them! Your story gave me chills and brought back horrible memories. We just got kids back a month ago, after 14 months of jumping through their ridiculous hoops.


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