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My name is Jason Brooks but most people just know me as Jake. When DHR showed up on my doorstep with allegations made by a family member of my wife, I invited them into my home and thought that they were just doing their job which is to help folks out. Never in a million years did I realize that I invited someone in my home to harm my child, to tarnish my reputation, and to ruin my life for the sake of a bonus and to maintain a quota. The corruption in this system is endless.  I want to help people to learn their rights and to learn how to keep DHR out of their life and also protect my family that I no longer have anymore. If you haven’t already experienced the horror of being involved with DHR after you read this long story and hear the recordings of case workers and DHR’s attorney and their lies after lies, make your own decision and imagine yourself what you would do in this situation. I can’t really recreate a better manual for dealing with DHR/CPS than the ones you can find all over the internet but, I can add a few bits of knowledge that’s not listed in the manual. One thing that is a must-have when dealing with DHR is a good call recorder app to track all of your conversations, for me I’ve found that ACR call recorder works amazing it will let you back them up to the cloud or drive and also share via Bluetooth or email and works well with Android and Apple devices its free and doesn’t charge for extra storage. I’m also here to share my knowledge that I’ve learned during my 9 months of dealing with DHR and you can reach me personally with questions or just for support on our webpage Fight DHR on our FaceBook Page or E-Mail me . I’d love to hear your story especially if its Blount Co. AL DHR that your dealing with.  I’m doing the best I can with my WebPage and FaceBook and the videos on  YouTube page . I still have a lot of work ahead of me to start this process rolling, and still have a lot of information to put out there. It won’t ever be perfect by any means but I feel it will be understandable, relatable, and super helpful. This page is paid for and run by me alone so try to cut me some slack. There is so much that has happened in these last 9 months that it’s really hard to stay on track of everything that has happened.


My first goal is to start helping families that that have not been involved with these kid snatchers. If you think for a minute you could in no way shape are form ever to be involved with these folks think again. We were the family that never imagined we would ever be involved with CPS and DHR and prior to knowing what we do now I thought that DHR only took kids from parents that were abusive, or strung out on drugs, or couldn’t provide properly for their kids but man was I wrong, it only takes a phone call from anyone and they are totally untouchable and have complete protection from any kind of punishment for false allegations what so ever. Anyone can make allegations and remain completely anonymous and never have any proof and can make these calls over and over again and nobody from DHR ever questions it or protects you from it. It’s an utter shame that this is America and there’s not laws in place to protect all of the awesome parents out there.


You may still think you have nothing to hide and you don’t really care if they come to your home and talk to your kids but I can promise you that if you let these folks in your home they will and can find something to drag you in to this system of torture and hate and corruption. That’s a  fact. We invited them into our home , we thought we had nothing at all to hide our kid was healthy and happy and had anything and everything above and beyond what was needed, child had medical records and daycare records showing that she was happy and healthy and they still drug me and my family up into their system for the sake of money and job security; so please listen to me because I’ve been there and in my 45 years of my life on earth I have never ever been involved in something as corrupt and wrong as this situation. And there’s no day of my life that I regret more than the day I opened my door and invited them into my home. My life has never been the same since.


Please take the time to go over the info I have up now and research yourself on YouTube and Google. If you search for Kentucky CPS corruption you will see first-hand what I’m saying. I see the same thing all over the internet that has the same exact story line as what’s happened to my family here in Alabama, in my home town the county I was born in and raised in. I’ve lived here most my life and learned to drive, hunt, fish and be a good man. I’ve lend a helping hand to as many people as I can my whole life. I have not even a simple speeding ticket on my record, I’m not a sex offender, not a felon, never ever called the police on each other, I’m talking squeaky clean record, so it’s a hard pill to swallow that I invited someone into my home to rip my family apart and try to tarnish my reputation. I have nothing to hide.


I am an advocate of medical marijuana and I will be straight up and tell anyone I am and I have as a matter of fact told the world. I’ve had 2 failed surgeries in my life from getting hurt on the job and I could have any pain pill that I could ask for and I can say from experience that medical marijuana has really been the best meds for me helps me recover from nausea, headaches and pain relief at times .  I wouldn’t force my beliefs on anyone but I’m just saying it’s the best solution for me and that should be all that matters, right? You could not find a whiskey bottle or beer can in my yard period. Neither of us drank and both of us had even quit smoking cigarettes 6 months before our child was born but im smokeing again. I’m no longer able to use medical marijuana and I’ve learned to cope without it but I feel it should be legal and that’s my right to have my own opinions and beliefs whether they’re accepted or not.

Anyways if this offends anyone out there I won’t apologize but I will say that if you think I’m a bad man you really need to think again. What I’m doing here is to help families and kids fight the very system that is supposed to help folks not destroy families and kids’ lives, this should speak for itself and if you don’t think so then that is your right as an American and we can agree to disagree.

Pain killer link


You can google and find out that Alabama has the highest prescription for pain pills in the United States. As matter of fact Birmingham Alabama is #1, which is 30 miles south of Blount county. Amazing to me how that is and a lot of folks from what I have seen wonder the same thing. But it’s just not the way I want to live life and I tend to do what’s best for me cause that’s in my best interest. Right? American. Again, I’m doing the best I can here to lay it all out and explain about who I am and what I stand for in this country and I have nothing to hide. I can’t count the family members and friends on my hands and feet that fought for the rights that you and I have today. But let me tell you that those rights that me and you and your family has fought for will be stomped on if you don’t stand up for them on your own. It’s a FACT. These rights that you have don’t matter to DHR they think they are above the law and untouchable. And they are if you don’t record every conversation you have with these people and even then, you will spend your life savings trying to fight them.  I have contacted the FBI directly many times at                 #205-326-6166,  It only takes a min to call these people and if you don’t know exactly what to say this is all you need to say Investigate DHR in Blount county, Oneonta, Alabama Jason Brooks Go to www.fightdhr.com, and  if you been dealt their corrupt hand explain what happened.This is there job to investigate this so dont be scared. The only reason I’m here now is that I did call them and I have someone that has all of this information and the evidence that I have obtained from this corrupt agency. I have to say that they  gave some advice to me like to record any contact with my daughter; but I won’t even go around my daughter because I know I can’t protect her and as a father that’s the absolute worst feeling ever. Again I have nothing to hide here DHR. They will tell you cannot record them and they lie, straight face to you when they do it and let me tell you YES you can and you better record them or you will be drug under the bus and be wondering what the heck just happened and have no way to fight it.How they think we can not record them should tell you something right there. I started recording before I ever protested them in front of the DHR building in Oneonta  AL I had to protest them just to be able to get involved with the service plan these corrupt folks wanted me and my family to complete, but it really  just made them angry that I fought for my family . FYI California just passed a new law to protect the law you already have which is to tell you to record them for your protection because they have been sued time and time again from case workers who lied on case reports and testified with false information and was given total protection while they did it. This is just another thing that proves that the same thing is happening here, and all over the USA. So just learn to use the rights you have you have as an American and I promise you it will be in your best interest to do so. Listen to someone who has been through this. Please, Listen.


Honestly the word corruption is an understatement from what I have seen and been though with these people.  They are ruthless and that’s a nice way to put it, and I want to be nice as I can because I want our young folks to read what I’m saying and be able to see for themselves that this is the way it is. If you have kids in public school be sure to turn in a form stating they cannot be interviewed without you or your attorney present. DHR workers are known for coaxing young kids to telling things that are not true. If we don’t do something about this now we are leaving the younger generation a big problem that no one should have to go through and they will have enough problems as is. You raise your kids to be respectful and polite but take the time to teach them wrong from right and  I want to relay the message that you have to stand up for your rights and protect yourself because nobody else in that building will come close to doing it for you. Demand a warrant for them to enter your property or speak to your kids always. Even if you have nothing to hide trust me and do it anyway. Repeat after me DO YOU HAVE A WARRANT? And shut the door, take your kids to the sheriff department and have them check the kids out and record them. Then head to your doctor’s office and have them do an exam on your kids and record it. Sounds really extreme but I promise you unless you want your kids taken from your home you will do this. Then get a lawyer before this ever makes it to the corrupt juvenile court because there’s not a lawyer that can do anything but hold your hand once it goes there. That’s a fact. DHR will ask you for relatives and friends who can speak highly of you to prove you are a good person. Do not give them anything what so ever to use against you and that I mean they will come after the folks you give them and you won’t even know it until it happens if you rock the boat. That’s a fact. Protect your children they are the most prized possession a parent has. Tell DHR the same thing I told them, you have my name you have my SSN run my record and that should speak for itself I have nothing to hide, and even if you do have something in your past you still have rights and use them; don’t let them use it against you.


Now all that ramble is for the lucky folks who have not already been involved with the folks and I promise you’re lucky and just learn to protect what you have this could happen to anyone at any time. If you and your better-half is fussing and not getting along, it happens to us all just simmer down and cool-off and if you have kids please  listen to me you would rather get a divorce on your on terms then get government involved in your life and your rights as parents, I promise. Maybe get some help but not through these folks. We all fuss now and then but just learn early on to cool down and I highly recommend al-anon meetings, even if nobody in your family is an alcoholic are an addict. I can tell you first-hand this type classes are meetings will benefit anyone really. Way more than you will ever think.These books and the meetings have been real handy since DHR came along.. I do know how it feels for someone to make you and your family split up and I would not wish this on anyone. I’ve been there and I tell all you folks that lost your kids today are your family due to any circumstances I feel for you. But those that got there family took for no reason what so ever well I been there too thanks to Blount County, AL DHR in Oneonta.


DHR went after my family and I mean ruthlessly. I cannot explain to you this feeling that you get when this happens. Just can’t put words to it, it’s something you will never experience unless it happens to you, and I bow my head every night and pray that it doesn’t happen to any more families, but I know it will.  It will change you inside and I don’t think you ever fully come back from that and you can and sit around on your hands and wait on these folks to give your kids back, or you can do something to help. I never ask for any help but I have been the last 5 months and I’m asking now. I’m spending my family savings to help other folks and their kids because I know I will never be able to protect my family from DHR Blount County AL and somehow, I’ve accepted this. These folks will lie and lie and walk all over your constitutional rights while they do it and falsely put anything they want in case reports and you won’t be able to get a copy and by the chance that you do it will be an altered version. I want the copy that goes to the state attorney general office. Hire a lawyer spend your life savings, that’s what they want. And FYI a juvenile court has nothing on your constitutional rights only Federal courts can alter them. That’s a fact.Gag orders is what they use to keep folks quiet why they destroy your family..  My family has been torn apart by the same people that take tax payers money to help families and they aren’t helping and instead they are being greedy and taking kids that don’t need to be taken to steal the federal money that they receive for every kid and family they get in this system. This is a FACT. RESEARCH IT

If you’ve been in the court room with Elizabeth Nash DHR attorney I have recordings of her perjuring herself and trying to block my first amendment rights to protest and post anything on social media. I made  a phone call a week after our court hearing  to Nash DHR lawyer she returned my call and I questioned her as to when I asked for time to get a lawyer and review our case her response was I have time to get a lawyer now.She has the obligation to make sure i have time to get a lawyer and no i did not want there appointed lawyer..And its funny cause a case just happen last year in Blount county where a man claimed he did not have a attorney at the hearing and there was no court report so no way to no if this man was telling the truth..Research it  . We had 3 hours business time to get a lawyer Friday at 3pm to Monday at 9 am when we was in court and we were wore out from fighting for our kid. This is a trick they like to pull It’s a FACT. We had talked about just giving up because my wife’s mother was not going to stop and we didn’t want our kid to be tore apart time and time again and we were devastated when they threw out more allegations after we have the recording of the mother saying a week be for everything was going great. When she found out I was demanding my kid back she threw her daughter her grand baby and herself under the bus. It’s a Fact. Elizabeth Nash went after my daughter herself and took her from the mother. KARMA.  She wrote on the case report that we had waived our rights to an attorney. I have her recorded . Listen for yourself and see if you think I waived my rights for an attorney. Remember this is a DHR lawyer. Perjuring herself. She has the Obligation to make sure I received a fair court hearing.She never denies i asked for a lawyer ever. And since she failed to do so I filed a complaint with the Alabama State bar.  I have case worker after case worker lying. I have a letter from the state of ALABAMA says there was no domestic violence no verbal abuse kids was free of any bruises are neglect and home was appropriate for the child 3 months into this. I thought my family was coming home. My wife received the same letter and we was running across the yard so happy. But nope,  DHR Blount County AL just kept on instead of doing what was right…. You will not find a DHR Lawyer on recording admitting to perjury and falsifying case reports, and court reports. This is un heard of I mean really, try to find one on google YouTube. How did I get this and all these case workers on recordings falsifying? And that’s just the most important thing she did to me. I have this and alot other folks have it and its on YouTube now under private because I was asked not to release these recordings as for reasons I won’t disclose at the moment. I made it clear that it will be published along with all the other recordings I have of lying case workers. They went after me after I protested and I guess that if I was them I probably  would have to  if someone called me out on all of the  lies and corruption.

I tried to give them every chance to give me my kid back and be fair, but Elizabeth Nash would not have it, DHR did not like to see someone doing what’s right and fighting for there family in this corrupt system that they have created with all these corrupt case workers that help make it happen. It is a FACT. If you don’t buck the system and just let them get that federal money they want and you don’t lose everything you have trying to go through every service, they provide you with you might end up getting your kids back. These services are their money train. Whether you need it or not you get it and you will drug test in their testing facility which is built in to the same building 2 doors down from where juvenile court is held. Corrupt. For 12-16-24 months doesn’t matter if you are passing tests or not you still go, and you don’t get a copy of them, you don’t get to see them you are only going to hear the word of lying case workers. I was told I was passing and I know I was I was clean because I was testing at home. Day of the second hearing I went to a federal licensed testing facility in Rainbow City before court and brought the test to prove I was passing. Elizabeth Nash threw the case worker under the bus that said I was passing and no news from her is good news, but I could not get a copy and I could not buy a copy I could not pay for my own. Federal money.  Nash said I wasn’t passing.  I questioned her and it turns out I wasn’t passing, but only at their facility, when DHR owns their own drug testing facility and you get no copies of any results that has got to work against you right? Illegal’  I was so glad I went on the day of court on my own to get tested because I was passing had been for months for MMJ. They told me that judge wouldn’t accept it, but she did and then acted like they gave me something and in the courtroom Nash said that I tested positive instead of negative in front of the judge and I called her on it and then she corrected herself and tried to make light of it. This woman has lost it and whoever is letting her handle this is made a big mistake,

The stories I heard while protesting in Oneonta Al blew my mind and really made me realize I might not ever get my child back no matter what I do. What’s the next charge going to be?  A sexual molestation charge? I have no idea why they didn’t do these charges beforehand instead of saying that I fed my child dogfood, carpet, and red bull. Listen to what I just said and how complete ridiculous this is. I said in court in front of the judge and these corrupt case workers I would take a polygraph test to prove that these allegations are false and I would even pay for it. Law enforcement use polygraph test on people that want to work as a cop across the country and they will require you to take one if need be. But they don’t want that remember Federal money. I could have had my kid home in a week tops. 500 dollars and right in Birmingham, Al the polygraph could have been done. Look at the money they make by keeping me in the system for a year or better and if I rock the boat then they falsely accused me of domestic abuse and restraining orders that have never been placed on me, that was another lie they told over the phone that was put in my case record. Thank god they used something I can disprove, I have never had a domestic call on me are a restraining order on me EVER in my life EVER. The only thing I figure is they never get questioned on this or they have done it so many times that they don’t care. I think that’s the deal.


What a shame this Blount County I love will be put under the spotlight due to someone like Elizabeth Nash and dhr is almost unbelievable. I could see she ran that court room with no worries what so ever of any recourse for her actions, NONE.


Nash and Blount co DHR used the city cops as their personal security guards to try and shut me down and they didn’t touch me. But let’s be honest, how could they? I have nothing on me whatsoever that they could use against me 45 years of my life they had to use. The city police did exactly what they should have and tried to fix the situation by getting me to talk with these people and I did. Thanks to you guys that tried to diffuse the situation, but I told you they are corrupt. Me and Robert Burrows had a sit down then and there and he asked what would it take to end this and I feel as though he really wanted it over and best believe me I did to but nope, when the mother of my wife heard I wanted my family back after I was cleared of anything what so ever she said that I fed my kid carpet red bull and dogfood. Let me take a Polygraph, I recommended it to them in an open court hearing. NOPE.  They went and took the child from her mother week after her own mother is on recording saying everything is going great to a case worker Hanna Tidwell who tried to get my wife to sign a zero contact with me on a ISP due to domestic violence. Wife refused to sign to saying domestic violence we both have ALABAMA State papers saying there was none and she says that they consider verbal abuse the same as domestic wife says well here’s the letter no domestic EVER.

Remember we have a letter from state of ALABAMA saying there was nothing. NOTHING. There is a copy posted on youtube video…

I took a huge risk and waited 1 week before the second hearing in to this corrupt court and sent a registered letter along with a USB drive that contained the recordings of DHR lawyer Elizabeth NASH and her corrupt case workers to the judge trying to get my wife to sign our kid away to the very family that caused all this with Kelly Gaskins or whatever her real name is. Kelly signed Stephanie Gaskins to one report and they all use fake names except for the select few that just don’t care. Smart I guess. Kelly/Stephanie accused my wife of making domestic calls to my home and repeatedly said she knew the judge would not give my child back and my wife says there’s never been law to my home except from her mother and cousin that she reached out to. And case worker says well with the restraining orders she knew the judge won’t give our child back and again my wife asks her where she was getting her information from. Well case worker says that’s just what rumors she heard and 8 months into this and she hasn’t made a simple phone call to investigate these claims. Come on now I’ve had 10 police officers on me at this point so they knew the truth but they just didn’t care. She never said let me make a phone call to find out. She continued to push my wife to sign our kid away to the very woman who caused all this.They was trying to get me to go off on them is all..GAMES  Wife refused and case worker just kept on. The recording is posted on YouTube

Anyways 2 days after I sent this letter registered to Judge Sherry Cupps Burns, she received it on Valentine’s day and I sent it certified mail so it was signed for I have the receipt and witnesses who watched me send this letter. 5 page letter  to be exact as possible .I started seeing a Blount county SUV just a plain SUV setting down the street from my home and I didn’t think much of it. Well I hadn’t rode my motorcycle in quite sometime and just figured I would go ride through town and just try and get my mind clear. I leave out of my home and go for a ride for about 45 mins and come back home the back way and there sets a plain Blount County SUV again and I am worried this time 3 days after letter was sent. I park and come through the back door to the front and he drives by on a cell phone and he looks so familiar to me but I can’t place it. I call my wife and tell her I think we are being watched. She laughs and says you are being paranoid with great reason to be from what I have seen so far. But there was one officer that came to my home 2 days before court 9 pm at night in a Blount Co Patrol unit He walked to the back of my house right by a no trespassing sign through 5 dogs on my back porch that were all raising Cain. I was dog sitting for a friend I only have 2 personally. I was in weight room and happen to step out to see what they were barking at and there he stood out of uniform in a nice looking knitted sweater on a Sunday night at 9pm Febuary 19 2017 70 days ago today.Cell phone in his hand and in a Blount county patrol unit.  Blount co officer Tony Dodd. Court cop.I put him top left of the page.

Who also ended up being the Bailiff from the juvenile court room same cop that escorted me with 3-4 other cops to the judge’s chambers. He was asking me if I knew someone which turns out a fake name and the address he was asking was not even an address.  I cross-checked it with Plat maps and called the next day on the name and it was also fake. He was nervous and he never even announced himself by name or stated that he was an officer and I was thinking I’m fixing to go to jail are worse. I wasn’t about to ask him how he had my Address or even act as though I knew him. I was nice just like I have been to any officer that I had contact with and helped him all I could and he just turned and walked away never said thank you or anything. I think on it now and I feel as though he was setting me up or this is a scare tactic he was using. He was letting me know I know where you live I’m in that court room I’m a cop. Don’t rock the boat…2 days be for court now. You couldn’t make this story up.”Polygragh” It’s a FACT two days later in court he is standing behind me rolling up papers like he was fixing to arrest me and I looked him in the eye and said how are you liking this weather. I wanted to call him out right there and it took a lot not to do that. I’m Scared for myself and my wife. I knew right then and there I was in deep with these folks.


Sir let me just say to you that this is my home and property protected by the 4th amendment bought paid for and I did not give you permission to break my constitutional rights. I did not invite you on to my property and I do not think you would like me coming to your home on a Sunday 9 pm at night walking through your yard and trespassing even though it was clearly posted. Clear your name sir and take a POLYGRAPH. Law officers around the country use this very system to hire fire and clear themselves of any wrong doing. Let’s see if officer Dodd will stand up and admit that he did this or if he just throws all the good cops under the bus. I have nothing to hide what so ever but my rights want be stomped on by you sir. Shouldn’t have done it. You broke so many laws sir it’s not funny and I want to see you held accountable for your actions that you did on your own. I’m not scared of you sir I’m scared of the badge, and the power you hold and are abusing.  You are supposed to uphold and protect and serve. How many people have you did this to? I’d help anybody but I  won’t help someone whos trying to help DHR bury me and my family. I have to say that I do not believe a court cop would be sent to my home by any lead investigator to and the same cop that I have had contact with in court. No way.  We would like to know any connections he has with DHR workers Anitia Williams are Nash in juvenile court email me at fightdhr@gmail.com  are to the FBI email and I will be sure your name remains anonymous, I have  military friends who are helping me with this and we have a good idea but I don’t want to speculate nothing without evidence my credibility  needs to remain untouched..I will polygraph on and any thing im saying.FACT.And I have proof to everything im saying and its on youtube  and cloud backed up for easy to see and hear.


And I promise I wouldn’t be on here posting if I didn’t have someone watching my back now and FBI has my story supporting Jason Brooks http://www.Fightdhr.com Took me a minute to get here, I’m scared for sure but im more scared to know i cant protect my family . But I’m here to stay for a while and this is what I’m standing for. Kids, families, and to stop the corruption of DHR in Blount co Alabama. My hometown. It has to stop or we are leaving the next generation of kids with a problem that nobody should have to deal with. Help DHR that’s what your paid for not to Destroy Homes Regularly.

We got to have

Open court hearings and video recordings and polygraph test for any case worker accused of lying or falsifying case reports and just not doing their job. It’s time for a major change..We got to start somewhere.We dont have to follow other states were Blount county Al

If you would like to take part in this campaign, there is so much that I could use help with. If you have kids are involved with DHR do not post your story on Facebook send an email threw fightdhr@gmail.com. But there’s phone calls to be made there is web pages to be kept up. Donations to be made, signs to be made, need court watchers in court and they want know who you are and you can sit around and watch the corrupt court in action if they let you, but unfortunately most of the corruption happens behind closed doors in that miserable building. This is serious situation and kids and families are what they are after for federal money and bonus money so they can have a nice life with their family and that’s all that matters in their mind.  I welcome any ideas, any information, and just open to anything because I know I’m about wore down from all I have done so far and to the folks who are helping me now after a corrupt law officer came to my home I had to have help. Thank you so much. But I still have a lot of fight left and it’s going to take it. Pray for the kids if nothing else because they are the ones who is getting the worst end of this whole deal. Imagine losing your family and having to live in a foster home or with crazy family members and not be able to do anything about it. Makes me sick to think about this and I never wish this on anyone but it can happen in a blink of the eye. Remember demand a warrant always and record everything, video is better but both are good for sure and you can catch them in lies if they don’t know they are being recorded.Upload to youtube any contact with them and you are helping other folks and your self when you do. It’s a Fact they will lie and lie and lie. I’ve had to give my family up cause I can’t protect them and I can’t go around my child and  just wait on new allegations to pop up and I promise they would have. When the very officer that came to my home is standing right beside me in court rolling papers around in is hand intimidating me. Jesus I wasn’t going to go to court but there was no way would I let my wife go alone. And then there’s my child in the very hands of my wife’s mother in court. It made me sick to my stomach. I know we need someone watching out for all the kids that really need help but this is not the way we need to go about it. It clearly is a very flawed system. stealing Federal money should not trump Family EVER. Let’s see if Judge Burns will handle it now or if she needs to just move on and let someone else control the court room and make decisions that are fair that protect families and children not rip them from loving homes .And Elizabeth NASH. You took my family from me you stomped on my rights and you have no business being anywhere near a courtroom and who would I be to let this keep happening. Not Jason Brooks that’s for sure.Kids love me and I never really got it why they do but kids love me for some reason and the only kid I ever had was ripped from me at 6 months old and I cut her loose from her mother first one to grab her up and hold her and I didnt protect her from the very people that are paid to help anyone and we didnt need there help.My wife has moved from the very home we put here for are family and its not home no more and we both dont want to live here anymore and I mean im trying to protect my family that I dont have anymore from these people.And my family is destroyed so what ever you take now from me means nothing to me so have at it .  I won’t be able to stop DHR by myself but I can teach folks their God giving rights and teach them what not to do. Together we can stand to make a change that’s what America was built upon and not to stand for our rights would become the downfall of everything this nation under God has ever stood for.

Jake Brooks,










FBI Contact

FBI Email

(205)-326-6166.All you have to say

Investigate Blount County Al Dhr .Fightdhr.com Jason Brooks


5 thoughts on “Whistleblower Blount Co.Alabama DHR Corruption

  1. Morbid wolf

    All this is true. I have been dealing with the corruption of this particular County for 3 years and I don’t have my kids either or will they give them back. But when you go to Congressman or Representatives nobody wants to do nothing. So these people will continue to rape The Working Man and impose their will on them without repercussions. The damn shame that I serve 12 years in the military with to come back to us and this is the way America thanks you. It almost embarrasses me to know I defended a country that operates like this


  2. We went through this too. I’d love to share my story with you. From stolen kids, to being told they don’t have anyone to bring kids for visits to lying about drug test and lying on reports. I’ll do anything to help you stop them! They ruined my grandkids and that’s all they did. They are worse than a juke and I would love to sue the crap out of them! Your story gave me chills and brought back horrible memories. We just got kids back a month ago, after 14 months of jumping through their ridiculous hoops.


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