About Us


I am a small time southern gentleman, a family man, no criminal record, no drug history, not even a speeding ticket in over 10 years. When DHR showed up on my doorstep with crazed allegations made by an angry family member I invited them into my home and thought that they were just doing their job. Never in  a million years did I realize that I invited someone in my home to harm my child, to tarnish my reputation, and to ruin my life for the sake of a bonus and to maintain a quota. The corruption in this system is endless. Together I want to produce a manual of how to keep DHR out of your life if you haven’t been involved, and one on how to get your kids back and fight for your rights if DHR is already involved in your life. Together if we make a stand for justice and be relentless we can bring about change and help protect our kids and kids children.