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We would love to hear other stories from people that have been involved and wronged by DHR or CPS whether its in our County or State or anywhere in the US. Together we have to unite and stand for the rights of all families. Feel free to post under a false name or leave specific names out, whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

12 thoughts on “Tell us your story


    DHR Blount County IS CORRUPT and have destroyed many families. They have also caused PTSD in many innocent lives. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! It’s EVIL. Don’t let them inside your house and lives, protect your family at all costs because once they get you to talk and sign paperwork, you’ll never get rid of them. Everything you tell them will be used to build their case against you. They are not there to help you. The falsify reports and violate your constitutional rights. They are your enemy and will turn your life into a nightmare.


  2. Shannon Williams

    I am the reason Argo now has body cams. The officer who kept tazing the old man in the truck is the corrupt officer who wrote in his report that I threatened him and was cursing up a storm at him. Said I tried to grab his taser. Officer Moses did take video of me with his phone while taking me to jail for disorderly conduct and it showed no cursing or anything except me crying. The judge viewed this recording and then allowed me to be on probation, but I had to go to anger management. Which was expensive. I had no reason to be arrested for disorderly conduct. A couple of months later I was in traffic court with my son. He noticed two cops walk in. One pointed to me and then motioned to his bodycam. I wasnt the first to complain about him. But the judge could tell I wasnt worried about my case until I found out Agro didn’t have dash cams. Hey all got body cams after that. I’m glad I remembered the recording he(Officer Moses) made on his phone or in sure it would have been a lot worse.


  3. Tina

    Still Grieving Pell City DHR Split my children up in the dark of the night after false allegations of abuse against my now X Husband
    I just pray that God will bring them together real soon it’s been 12 years since I’ve seen my baby boy Christopher he 17 and my baby girl is 19


  4. Anonymous

    This is the stupidest stuff ever and Mr j Brooks who makes all the vids on YouTube u are so ignerant and stupid idk how u could be so stupid making those vids just stop ok stupid and I live in Steele so come on I’m always here


  5. Bob

    My son snuck out of the house for 10 minutes while I was doing dishes. This has NEVER happened before. They immediately took him from home, luckily I had my mother in law to help me. One month later, I have voluntary signed up for color code and completed parenting classes with absolutely nothing from them at all. No calls. No check ins. Nothing. They just took my son from me with absolutely no follow up what so ever.


  6. Shay

    HEY PLEASE GET WITH ME LIKE TO get with you and your wife my kids are in foster care in vlount county donna southern and kelly gaskin ansd blair is my oldest kids dhr worker they tryin to take my rights beside im poor long story love to sharfe it with yall and see whati can do to try and fight these dhr workers felt along time there wrong for how they do there job and hurt familes im one of them and my kids or suffersin it got i got nothin to hide please help me and im sure i could help you i got court may 10,2018 and there tryin to take my rights for no good ass reason because what im not rich i need to talk to yall about to much to type sorry but i dont wanto lose my kids and i cant forward a longer and the judge im stuck with is sherry burns havent never got to talk with her in court not once and speak my thoughts she goes threw everyone like lawyers child in light mit but not me the parent never heard of that so she dont know my story besides what shes been told and i got papers not long ago that all lie i would share with yall downing me dhr never returns my phones calls when i try to found out info on my child and beth the boss lady is no better they lie to your face check this out i have a autic son they couldnt find him a foster care home so moved him to montgery and havent seen him in 3 years andi had rights but they can find a date for me to see him…. im blow away i believe god lead me to yall i felt i had noone to turn to or to help or even undersztand me hope to hear from yall… yall will be blown away with whati have to tell


  7. Has dhr forced you on birth control to mess you up so you can’t have kids later on? Has dhr put you in mental places to be abused and used like a lab rat? Has dhr put you out like a dog because you became of age and they couldn’t longer draw your ssi? Have you been through the hell I’ve been through and they still mess with you knowing you developed PTSD from what they put you through? Are your files missing like mine are that mental health wanted you to get but when you go to ask for them they are suddenly gone because they switched to the computer? When you go through what I’ve been through and develop PTSD and they still mess with you knowing your mentally ill and your psych don’t like it and isn’t going to put up with them doing you this way much longer and you live everyday with scars physically emotionally and all but still wake up and put your feet on the ground knowing your better and have a better life to live for then you tell me how you can still be standing with all that has happened and they still messing with you but you know God is bigger and you still have something to live for a smile on your face and all. Can you do it?


  8. Grandparents Fight against DHR through the Mercy and Grace of God
    (The struggles to gain Grandparental Rights)

    An Alabama couple is frightened that they may never see their granddaughters Sarah and Katie again and concerned about their well being. They need to be with their maternal grandparents where they should have been back in September 2012. This all started on September 21, 2012 with the DHR (the state’s child protective services) when they removed our granddaughters Sarah and Katie from their home where their mom (Faith Smith), the guy friend (James or Jim Dean) and his mom (Rhonda Dean) lived in Adger, Alabama. Sarah and Katie were placed in a foster home about 30 minutes from their other home. The foster home already had 7 people in the home. We did not know they had been removed until about a week or two later when we got a phone call from the first DHR case worker (Angi Collins). If we had known we would have been at the court date on Sept 24, 2012 but we had no idea. This is when we starting getting to visit with the girls. The first time was on a weekend at the foster parents (Tim and Dee Pearce) home which is in Adger, Alabama. We have passed all the requirements that DHR wanted. This is when DHR should have placed the granddaughters with the grandparents which is family but DHR did not do their job in reunification of family like they are suppose too. In November 5, 2012 we had an ISP for the girls. The case worker (Angi Collins) called them (parents) out on so many lies and the foster dad (Tim Pearce) did the same. Then the guy friend (Jim Dean) and his mom (Rhonda Dean) was making the mom our daughter (Faith Smith) speak up and tell lies about her dad (Brent Smith) and what he did to her when she was 5 or 8. We had two other daughters living in the home. The middle child was 18 years old and the youngest was 16 years old. Our 18 year old told the first case worker (Angi Collins) if something did happen would I still be living in the home? Also why didn’t DHR remove the 16 year old and the exchange student for farther investigation of these false accusations that she (Faith) was forced into bringing up in the ISP meeting on November 5, 2012. November 27, 2012 was a court date we attended and found out the case worker (Angi Collins) was sick and could not make it but then found out a week later that she had been called off the case for some reason and there would be a new case worker who would be in contact with us. We were contacted by mail in December, 2012 of the new case worker (Latesia Jefferson) and then again in January, 2013 about the date for the ISP for the girls. The Bio parent filed a police report December 12, 2012. She waited a month and 7 days before she filed a false police report about these accusations that she brought up at the ISP in November 5, 2012. The second case worker( Latesia Jefferson) passed us with all the requirements that we had to have with DHR. Also we have passed the CASA and an Assistant from DHR requirements for the girls. All of them have said we are ready for them to come live with us the grandparents. The first case aide also has said lets bring those girls home where they belong. One time in court the year 2013 one of the lawyers said to the judge “your honor if we had any place to put the kids outside of DHR we would”. Okay what are we chop liver. Have had about 6 backgrounds since all this mess with DHR started in September, 2012 because we have had international exchange students living with us for the school year, have worked with children’s camps with a foster care agency, vacation Bible School with our church. Plus my husband has to have FBI checks and fingerprint checks for his job. Have had recent background check in July 2015 and again in August 2015 and all came back clear and we still do not have our granddaughters. Just had a background check done in May 2016 and a child neglect/abuse check done too and they came out clear again. So about 10 background check and child neglect/abuse checks have been done since 2012 and still NO granddaughters. The last time we had visits with our granddaughters was June 9, 2013. Before the visit had started we notice that the oldest (Sarah) had bruises on her legs and a scratch on her arm that looked infected. So we told the new case aide about them and showed her too. Then two weeks later our visits were terminated. The case worker said that they had an ISP meeting on June 18, 2013 that we did not know about and since the parents were still parents they did not wont us to see the girls. Kind of funny that they had a ISP a week after our visit with the girls. Wonder what the new case aide wrote in her report that day. Thought DHR was there to reunify children with family members. So far they have not done their job in reunification of the children with family who has been waiting for 4 years and has passed all the requirements not just once but 4 times by 4 different DHR workers and passed a lot of background checks and still NO granddaughters.
    There was a court date that was suppose to be on August 24, 2015 at 8:30am but the only people that showed up was our lawyer, me, and our two bio daughters. After being there about an hour our lawyer told us that they were splitting the dates up for the children. What ever that means sounds kind of fishy to us. Through all these years we have been treated like the bad guys and the parents and the other grandparent the good guys.
    December 2, 2015 was court again for our granddaughters but nothing happened since their criminal case is still pending. WOW. So sad DHR is doing these children like they are when there is good family that loves them and can care for them.
    June 1, 2016 was court again for our granddaughters and again nothing happened since their criminal case is still pending.
    How can we get it through their (DHR) thick skull that we have done nothing wrong and Sarah and Katie NEED to be with family that has passed 4 requirements by DHR.
    September 14, 2016 this time we went to court for grandparents visits with Sarah and Katie but the judge denied it and did not give a reason why it was denied. She (the judge) did not want to hear anything not even from the GAL and the CASA. They wanted answers too. For once they (gal and casa) were on our side but the judge did not want to hear anything.
    We have missed their first steps, their first words, their first tooth, their first time eating table food. Missed out on Sarah’s first day of Kindergarten August 2016. Sarah’ first homecoming week of 2016. We might have missed Sarah first loose tooth and the first visit from the tooth fairy. What other first are we as grandparents going to miss with our granddaughters.
    December 7, 2016 again we went to court to get grandparents visits with Sarah and Katie and again the court was continued. How long is DHR going to keep our granddaughters in their care. This corruption has gone on 4 years too long. This is also when we found out there is a third grandchild name Hunter who was born in 2014.
    Now all this makes sense why our visits were terminated in June 2013 is because Faith was pregnant and starting to show and did not want us to know about the child. Plus DHR was trying to cover their tracks too in their corruption of the system. This is legal kidnapping.

    Judge- Lorraine Pringle
    GAL- Lori Frasure


  9. snead

    Blount DHR alabama has been doing this for yeArs and they will lie and falsify case reports and make up bullshit just to bully folks and worse have you throwed in jail are neglect and abuse..These folks are shitty for sure..Keep it real and good luck…Blunt Co


  10. janedoe

    I’ve been dealing with DHR in Alabama for over 9 months now. They threw everything at me that was possible multiple classes, psych visits, counselors in my home on a weekly basis. To the point where I have to work nights and some days get no sleep to get everything done the Department requires of me and as soon as I complete one thing they want to add another. They lie and say whatever they want to make you comply so they get a bigger paycheck. I hope to see your site expand and maybe one day make a change. Lots of love and support for your family from Bama


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