I wanted to begin this page as a guide for all families that have children. I’m from Alabama so some things may pertain more to the rules and policies of my state but through my research I’ve learned that many states are similar. From what I’ve seen regardless of location DHR/CPS is corrupt from the East coast to the West. I never  could’ve fathomed the seriousness of this until my family became involved, DHR/CPS is truly the largest child trafficking organization in America. They will tear families apart without any remorse for illegitimate reasons, they will ignore State and Federal laws, lie and falsely document on case reports and under oath to keep kids in their custody which keep tax payers money lining their pockets. As free Americans we have rights and must defend them together to end the corruption and hold DHR/CPS accountable for their actions; to reunite the families, save our kids, and protect them from future harm at the hands of DHR.

4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Anonymous

    I would like to know why DHR blount co. Can say they can’t do a well fare check on kids because there mom moved them to another county. When there already in the system because of her. When I know for a fact they check on other kids that are no longer in blount County??!!


  2. Vicki

    I’m so sorry you are going through all this.. The DHR/CPS system is probably the most corrupt government/state agencies there are.. I’ve never had personal dealings with them, but I ran across an article a few years ago, and just became almost obsessed with learning everything I can about this corrupt system that operates like a corporation. I too am from Alabama, but I’ve seen and read probably thousands of cases and stories of families battle with this agency all across this country.. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and insight into how the system operates and how the state employees operate. I’ve reached out to families across the country to try and inform them of critical info, that I’ve learned from all research I’ve done, that need to know to protect their children from these child predators Like I said it’s become almost an obsession. That’s why it’s 12:30 a.m and I’m awake bc it’s the only free time I have. Anyway I’m not sure I have anything to offer you bc it seems like you are in the right track, you know what’s going on with the system anyway.. It’s a shame you didn’t know this before they came knocking on your door. However I’m proud to see that you are trying to spread the word to people who haven’t been affected, yet. People need to know their rights and if more people were aware of what was happening to the innocent families across the nation it wouldn’t be so easy for the dept to come into their lives.. I’ve learned that’s what they feed on, lack of knowledge, and they lie intimidate people into signing unnecessary case/safety plans. In most cases parents don’t know that they don’t have to agree, or sign anything. Especially if there truly is no real risk or proof of imminent risk or danger to their babies.. EVERY INNOCENT PARENT NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT TO DO IF DHR COMES KNOCKING ON THEIR DOOR.. You outlined perfectly in your statement above what to do and that’s the absolute BEST way to shut them down from the beginning… Kuddos to you got trying to bring awareness to this VERY SERIOUS MATTER.. I would just say keep it up, spread this msg as far and as wide as too possibly can… We need to try and make our federal or at the least our state gov acknowledge this is a growing issue facing innocent children and families every day, the only way to do that is by spreading the word and getting enough people complaining that the government won’t have a choice but to overhaul the system…

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